Keen Beans
Margie Hartmann -
Easily Publish Gorgeous Magazines. Leverage Curation to increase your visibility. Give persistence to your social media presence.

Anne Maw
Learning Suite for Schools - using Songsmith (Gr 5)

Jean Vairy
Websites for teaching Internet rules and netiquette to grade 4's and 5's: some internet rules and netiquette. I use much more severe tactics with the grade 6's and 7's using true videos from you tube about cyber bullying.
Charli Wiggill
MP3 Aids for the blind created by Grade 7-9 pupils.
MP3 Aids for the Blind' Gr 7 - 9 pupils read and recorded a children's story (either published book or original collaborative story) for 4 - 10 year-olds, using 2 mobile phones - one for playing lead-in music and sound effects and the other for the recording function. The tracks were uploaded to a wiki for free access and download by teachers of the blind around the world. To date pupils from 10 countries have become involved and stories in various languages have started coming through. Wiki can be viewed (and joined) at:
Helen Laas
Accessing the adolescent brain.
Target: any learner under the age of 23
Up until the age of 23, learners and students have not developed a fully functioning pre-frontal cortex. as a result, I use videos to facilitate understanding and provide for brainstorming and application of theoretical knowledge.
Betsy Kee
SMART Notebook: Introduction to Puberty
Jonathan Manley
VLC - video splicing
Jo Kinsey
Using CAM studio to create podcasts of Maths lessons
Des Dunstone
Book Creator on the IPAD.
Creating a book using the Book Creator App and then publishing it to iBOOKS
Lindy van der Meulen
Inkling on the iPAD

Sally Goldman
OBAMI - secure educational social networking website.
Brainpop: short educational videos that can be used to introduce concepts - all subjects. Some free videos and "focus for the day" clips. (American) or
Michelle de Beer
SYMBALOO all ages (especially teachers).
Symbaloo is a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) to visually organize and share the best of the web with students.

Fiona Beal
Class DojoClassroom motivational tool for primary school teachers.

Fiona Beal
Make your classroom/subject wiki work like a website
This is for both primary and high school teachers
Hayley Calverley
Using a Galaxy Tablet in the classroom as well as Wizteach:
WizTeach is interactive teaching software designed for use with any interactive whiteboard, any interactive projector and any touch screen hardware over a wide range of subject areas.
Sue Ausmeier
Who wants to be a millionaire” game (PowerPoint) from The TES website: (register free to access resources)

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