Third kwaZulu-Natal Teachmeet.

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Date: 16 October 2013
Time: 18:00 for 18:30
Where: St Mary's DSG Kloof - Creativity Centre
EMail llocke@stmarysdsg.co.za or sgordon@stmarysdsg.co.za for more information.


What is a TeachMeet?

It is a gathering of teachers who are keen to collaborate with each other and to share a wealth of ideas. In a nutshell, teachers choose a successful lesson they have done in technology integration which they would like to share in 3 minutes. Presenters' names will be selected at random during the evening.

Some of the ‘rules’

*Teachers listening can take notes, photos, videos, tweet or just listen.
*Presentations need to be short and sharp.
*Presenters can use technology to present i.e. slides, videos, photos, Apps, etc.
*It is fine to hold up a poster or even sing a song.
*You need to plan before the time.

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To read more about other TeachMeets, access: http://teachmeet-southafrica.wikispaces.com/home

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